Make Money with Your Video Game Expertise

Quick, how many people can you name who play video games, sometimes for hours on end?  Chances are if you are a mom, you might list your children and perhaps your husband.  Video games have permeated our lives and do everything from teaching our children their multiplication tables in a fun way to helping our children’s coordination and ability to look ahead and anticipate future actions when playing for fun.

If you have a child who spends all of his free time playing video games, you may be frustrated and feel that he is wasting his time.  However, slow down, mom, that isn’t always the case.  In fact, there is good money to be made from the video game industry.  Whether your child makes money from video games as a hobby in high school or college or goes on to create a career out of video games, the love of video games can lead to some good money.

Here are some ways your child might consider:

1.  Sell your online gaming account.  If your child plays a game online and has valuable pieces or players, he can flip that character or valuable pieces and sell them somewhere like eBay or Craigslist.  He should do this with caution though, as selling may violate the terms of the game’s service.

2.  Make money in tournaments.  Did you know people can make as much as $10,000 in Scrabble tournaments or $20,000 in Monopoly tournaments?  Hello, sign me up!    Of course, it is not as easy as that.  Many people who make the big money practice for hours a day just as those who play in and win chess tournaments do.

3.  Become a game designer.  While this field is highly competitive, if your child has been playing a variety of games since he was small, he likely has a few ideas for new games.  There are even college degrees to enter the field of video game creation.

4.  Wager on your online gaming prowess.  At some sites, your adult child can make a wager before he plays with another player.  Which ever player wins the game gets to keep the jackpot.  (A percentage also goes to the game developer.)

5.  Become a professional gambler.  While you may not want this as your child’s chosen career path, it can be lucrative for those who are sharp at card games.  In the movie Google Me, the main person, Jim Killeen, came to Hollywood to be an actor.  While he got small roles, his acting career never took off and he instead supported himself as a professional gambler.  On the side, he produced and made movies such as Google Me where he looked to find other Jim Killeens in the world.

If your child’s love of video games is driving you crazy, don’t despair.  Instead of wasting time, he may actually be paving the way for his future career.  Even if video games don’t become his chosen career, he should be able to make a nice side income while in college thanks to his love of games.

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