Real Fun and Real Cash at Luckity (Win $50 and Samsung Tablet)

There are many things that you do every single day. It is important that you know how to balance your time well and treat yourself to an activity you deserve. Sometimes, you have to stop working too much and take a break. One of the things that you can do is to play online bingo. This way, you do not Read more [...]

Apple iPad 2 Connection Kit Review

Oh, the thing I've been wanting to own for a long time is now in my possession. I am so thankful to MobileFun for giving me a chance to get hold of this amazing Apple iPad 2 Camera Connection Kit. For a blogger like me who loves taking photo, this gadget accessory is a great find. Every moment captured Read more [...]

S3 Leather Style Wallet Case Review

What are the top things that you cannot leave in your house? I'm sure you won't dare leave your place without carrying your cellphone and important valid IDs with you. These are the items that will make your life easier if you have them. What if I tell you that a great product from MobileFun can carry Read more [...]

Samsung 16GB Memory Card Review

Storing photos and videos was never a problem to me. As an Apple products user, I don't need to get a memory card to save the files I want. As we all know, iPhones and iPads have internal phone memory which makes installing my favorite games, pictures, songs and videos easy. All that needs to be done Read more [...]

Mobile Fun: Accessories for iPad and iPhone Review

Buying gadget accessories is something that I enjoy doing. It makes me happy everytime I check the available products that are perfect for my iPhone or iPad. I've been to different shops looking for the best things. Some stores provide absolutely amazing items while others do not. One of the shops that Read more [...]

Avantree Mini Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard Review

This is the second part of my Mobile Fun Accessories review. Check the main post here. Avantree Mini Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard This mini roll up keyboard makes typing with your tablet / smartphone easy and efficient. With up to 10 meter of cordless range, keyboard will be ready to unroll full Read more [...]

Apple iPad 3 / iPad 2 FlexiShield Review

This is the third part of my Mobile Fun Accessories review. Check the main post here. Apple iPad 3 / iPad 2 FlexiShield - Clear So, this is the last item but certainly not the least! I am happy to get a brand new case for my iPad. This is my first Apple iPad FlexiShield Clear case ever. Most Read more [...]

iPhone Platinum Pack from Mobile Fun Review

"Having an iPhone is cool but having a good set of accessories for iPhone is way cooler!" This is what I said to myself after getting a chance to own a wonderful premium pack for my iPhone 5. Since I have been busy with many things, I barely have time to visit the malls and start looking for great accessories. Read more [...]

iGuy Mini Giveaway

Welcome to the Speck iGuy Giveaway Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog has come together with some of the most awesome bloggers around. Together we bring you a chance to win this super-duper cute iGuy from Mobile Fun. Special thanks to our sponsor Mobile Fun: Whether you have an iPad or iPad Mini Mobile Fun Read more [...]

My Perfect Kindle Fire Giveaway

Welcome to the My Perfect Kindle Fire giveaway event sponsored by and hosted by Bay Area Mommy! Special shoutout to cohosts One Proud Momma, Spaceships and Laser Beams, SmartySaver, Life in a Break Down, Stay a Stay at Home Mom, My Best Salad Recipes, and Conservamom! Read more [...]